Sunday, November 30, 2008

novembering remembering

november has been one of my most favorite months this year. i am absurdly broke, eat soup almost every day, take the bus and walk everywhere, have absolutely no heat in my (increasingly colder) room, holes in my socks, have only 2 skirts to wear, and despite all that i have NEVER been happier, not since i was a little kid! i have the dearest of friends (my boyfriend and mimi in the photos above to name just a few), a cozy roof over my head and live next to a pretty green mountain, i really cannot ask for much more.
the show at together gallery last night was absolutely wonderful too. lot's of hugs, singalongs, friends, drinks, jukebox dancing and happy people abound. also ariel made julianna and i beautiful acorn needle sharpeners! thank you ariel :) i plan to wear mine as a necklace, a very functional necklace! pictures of the lovely acorn, my window design and of the show soon to follow.

love, rebecca


Anke said...

lovely rebecca, i so want to have one of your pictures in my home. Would you make me a small one that I could buy from you? x

tinyredhands said...

I love you <3

Also welcome to blog city, usa! You've made the transition and now yr like all growzd up!