Wednesday, December 10, 2008


tomorrow i am leaving for los angeles to see my family for the holidays.
since i am leaving quite soon we (graham and me) had an early christmas :)

he made me this beautiful drawing. it's your's truly riding a swan and brandishing a sword and drinking tea all at once! while i am being captain obvious with that last sentance i shall point out that obviously it is very true to life.

amongst other wonderful things he also gave me this beautiful copy of walden.
graham if'n you are reading this i will miss you dreadfully :(
julianna i miss you dreadfully!
family if you are reading this i am so happy to be hugging you soon! :)

love always, rebecca

p.s. more lockets and goodies are going to be up in the shop soon! also everything is being shipped off tomorrow for those kind folks who bought something, thank you so much! xo


Anonymous said...

I most certainly miss you too, sweetheart.

Julianna said...

That drawing captures you perfectly!
Safe Travels!
I miss you too!

tinyredhands said...

Have a lovely christmas in L.A.

I miss you too!

pomegranates said...

welcome back to LA where autumn is barely coming about :) i am sure you will/are having a fantastic time :) how long will you be here?