Tuesday, December 23, 2008

days before christmas

i am so sad i am missing the crazy snow in portland. it better blizzard when i get back! (photo by lucky freezing graham)

i bought this great little zine from the ponies today :) i am so excited to read it!

also, i mixed up a few of my etsy orders! ugh i am so sorry to those folks it affected. i am so busy, but mostly i am a huge dunce so i whole heartedly apologize. i know how much it sucks to be expecting things in the mail that don't get there right! when it's all sorted out i will add an extra present to your order to make up for it. thank you for being so nice and understanding!xo

i'm taking a break until the new year (though i will continue shipping orders if more are made, and mending the few that went on the fritz) to paint, regroup, visit my awesome friends and drink a few pints of the black stuff. by the beginning of the bright new year i will have prints, new painted lockets and brooches in the shop! until then, i'll leave y'all with this wonderful clip from one of my favorite 90s shows, northern exposure:

much love, merry holidays and wonderful NEW year to you all!

love love love, rebecca


pomegranates said...

to you to sweet septembear!

Kat said...

a friend showed me this video a year ago and i totally love it!

katrina said...

i miss you on lj but i love you as a septembear :)