Monday, December 15, 2008

i missed christmas snow

i am one grumpy girl.
so portlandeers, i hear it snowed and i missed it since i'm in LA (land of eternal sunshine and concrete parkinglots)! bah humbug!
i have never seen the sky snow so it makes me cranky to have missed it.
i suppose it will snow again since it's supposed to be one cold winter, so i should look on the, flurry side of things.

besides missing snow (and portland) it done been a rough couple of days here in the southlands, so i decided to treat myself to some nice things as i am in dire need of them:

super cute!
firstly, new perfume by l'occitane because my old one ran out. the packaging just gets more adorable, it has a little parade of elephants and giraffes around the bottle! also i bought an old, framed, TAXIDERMED BAT HEAD (not pictured, but by far my favorite purchase!!!), mod podge, and other lovely art supplies (the bulk of my spending always goes to art supply stores). i thrifted the sweater, records and amazing wwII book. there are some absolutely incredible pictures in that thing. also starring in this picture are my old standbys: my copy of walden courtesy of sir graham, ye olde secret strawberry, trusty red mittens, chris' map and my compass.
i would feel guilty about all my purchases because i never EVER splurge like this, but what the hell. i just got paid and have more commissions ready to ship off. also i didn't even go over $65 on everything combined, so hooray for retail therapy!

in other news, it's actually really raining here which is a rarity indeed, and i woke up sick with an increasingly stinging throat so i think i am going to watch meteorshowers and ghost videos on youtube (favorite indoor pastime), paint and drink tea.
look at those stars! my goodness we live in a beautiful world.

love, rebecita


Julianna said...

I am sad for you that you missed the snow! I hope it does snow again and we will all have fun.

Are you in one place for a little while? I made far too many cookies and need to send you some!

Anonymous said...

I just heard that there will be more snow (so probably more later too!) this week, even more than the first time! YIKES

Little White Paw said...

We get boat loads of snow here! I would send you half of it if I had a weather machine to transport it.

tinyredhands said...

it should snow again tomorrow. I tried riding my bike down alberta two days ago and slipped on some ice. My bike slid 3 feet away from me. Winter has been rough on this working girl. So has not seeing you :(.