Thursday, January 15, 2009

robotic uprising+russell crowe=pie

i had a dream evil lego robots invaded los angeles and i had to take shady buses at night (through the ole south central stompin' grounds) to shady people who could help me find ways to their destruction. it turns out the only way to stop the robotic uprising was for me to wear silver shoes and be russell crowe's date to the academy awards. so i did that and ended up stealing plans from a fountain and then it snowed and a black cat hung out with me in the freezing weather. all evil robots froze up and i ate some blackberry pie!

ok i am going to go watch this wonderful movie and finish paintings now :)

love, rebecca

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tinyredhands said...

i just loled. after you watch that movie come over and watch palindromes with me. i have boozy stories to share. loves <3