Wednesday, February 4, 2009

bleh and currents

i made a new friend. this is a "lamb prey". they are like lampreys but are cute and fuzzy like lambs instead! they also attract magic lavender diamonds. i want one (lamb prey, not a diamond).

i feel like dying so this is what i have been drinking. nothing tastes better to me at the moment.
also i am writing a new instructional booklets like my ghost guides, but this time not about ghosts! many more details to come soon. i got some new paper and i am watching my work change a bit, it's a little scary, but nice. it is weird to see your hands make something new and not even know when the change came. i am working so much bigger, but i feel it's gearing up to be simpler, still me but grown up more perhaps? i think my thoughts are becoming more organized. it's refreshing to only focus on one thing and feeling because before my paintings were so thick with a million things and feelings.
by the by i am in an awesome show at gallery 1988 on friday in san francisco. if you're near sutter street stop on by :) i will have some new paintings (including some new big ones that involve me stuck on wicked mountains and on calm rivers with ghost sails, pictures to come soon).

and now i leave you with my one of my favorite people, bessie smith.

love, rebecca


Sarah~Mechelle said...

Is that how it happens, one day we just wake up and find ourselves grown up. I had to smile at how you find those 'changes' a little scary, it's always nice to know your not alone!

I like reading your thoughts, your blog. And your art is lovely!

ada and the fox said...

of course, i love the new work, just love it! and i've been meaning to try their teas but keep forgetting to order some. i think i will have to order an herbal one though, so if you have any recommendations i am up for it.
i want to see what guide you make but i would love to see the ghost one too.
and...i have tagged you, see here for more info:

Mila said...

Beautiful post!
Unfortunately i am not near SF, otherwise i would have visited the exhibition definitely!


brittany said...

just stumbled upon this blog, love what you've posted! i am also a big fan of bessie smith, schiele, bon iver, and lisa hannigan! very much favorites.

Lisa Evans said...

Your paintings are so beautiful Rebecca. Do you sell Prints or Originals? I would love to purchase some : )

rebecca artemisa said...

hi and thanks everyone!
hey lisa, thank you! i don't have prints yet, but i do sell originals, let me know if you're still interested :)