Saturday, February 7, 2009

pretty things i want/need

this egon schiele print

warm socks (my feet are so cold this winter!)

this violet scarf

man shirts! they are comfortable and you can wear them as dresses if you are short like me, and always have extra buttons and pockets for pine cones and coins and jellybeans (or whatever it is you use your pockets for).

boy howdy do i want to read this.

camera. this one. this beautiful camera that i cannot believe is digital. give me it.

i always want microns, xylophones, stonehenge paper and root beer so i suppose those are givens.

but most of all i want a bunny.

*sigh* if wishes were fishes!

oh! and since i am on the subject of pretty things, here is something beautiful: the quilts of ian hundley

i cannot stop looking at them. they are perfect.

thus concludes my ridiculous post.

love, rebecca


katrina said...

rebecca you NEED a bunny!

StickyKitten said...

I want a pet bunny too! That picture is so cute. I really love your artwork as well...(I found you on flickr). Your little unicorn locket is simply adorable!

Happy Valentine's Day!


tinyredhands said...

damn, i want all of those things too...

Evil Lizard said...

you need sox definitely! they make the winter less bitter =)