Tuesday, March 3, 2009

eating up the scum is the hardest thing for me to do

hi guys
well i have become full blown awful sick again and i've needed to lay down (especially after i finish today's ton of errands), a rarity in rebeccaland! that being said, the shop update comes tomorrow, i promise. paintings and commissions are to be put on hold for a day or two. i need to sleep and take medicine so i stop relapsing. it's really frustrating to lay down when so much stuff needs to be done, but oh well. my only consolations are moomin coming in the mail,

also i will have tea with honey, also i will read coraline in bed.
before i go do dreaded errands and conk out, here's one of the drawings i did for an upcoming show in honolulu:

in which i am punished for forgetting lent and transformed into a grumpy lumpy of ginger.
i love drawing. i still can't help myself and need to use paint, but it's just so fun.
hope you're all well!

love, rebecca


tinyredhands said...

P.S. I am abstaining from alcohol for lent. Wish me luck. I hope you start feeling better soon. I will come over and rub vix on yr chest. I love you <3

Sprinkle said...

I gave you an award :]

Enchanted Royals said...

Got volumes 1 and 2 for Christmas...oh amazingness.

Angelique said...

I read Moomin while I was sick too. Definitely comforting with a cup of tea :)

curiositist said...

I saw this book during my trip and have even made some photos of illustrations,so cute

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better! I love moomin anything... the other day at the fubon market I found some moomin crackers!!! I had to get them :o) Your drawing is magical. I love the fairy ring of toadstools.

Paul said...

just like honey <3