Monday, March 30, 2009

neighborhood #1

here are some photos i took of my visit so far.
los angeles is pretty rad right now. i love you and everyone! sometimes i hate this place, but i am still strangely proud and affectionate of the place i'm from. it's a weird feeling, but a lot of us have it.
spring is here! i want to paint things white and buy cream colored wool coats and little woven shoes and tins of chamomile. i've bought wildflower honey (to go with my tea of course) at open market recently, and it's probably the best i've ever had. it's harvested from this little mountaintop bee utopia! open markets here are so beautiful, they always end up being sunny and smell like strawberries, honey and dirt. it reminds me of when i used to live in the farmlands.
later in the week is going to be GREAT. raquel (my ultimate buddy) and i are probably going to have a celebratory pinata party bash out. friends united again!
pictures from utah are coming, but in the meantime here are some hangman games my brother chris and i played while stuck in awful traffic:

oh dear.
i hope you're all hunky dory, also that you too may one day taste wildflower honey.

love, rebecca


Sprinkle said...

Aww too cute, I'm glad you had fun in LA! Those cakes look lovely, and that city picture looks like such a dreammmm.... :)

rebecca artemisa said...

thank you :)