Saturday, March 21, 2009

oh my gosh



M.M. said...

oh my goodness! this was amazing!

Sprinkle said...

I really love this video, I've been listening to it while I do silly little tasks around the house. :)

Oh, seeing as how you make and sell your own zine, I had a question for you... See, I've been really wanting to make and sell my own zine, without it being WAY too much work, but I just can't seem to wrap my head around the process... Do you think you could maybe give me some tips on printing, making, the whole process? Email me if so, I'd love it SO SO much...
Thanks! :)

rebecca artemisa said...

i know! i love that video so much :)

hi sprinkle, sure i'll write you an email right away

Anonymous said...

i love neko case. her new album middle cyclone is amazing. The Pharaohs is my favorite song on it. I love her album Fox Confessors Brings the Flood, its beautiful. :D

thanks for sharing!