Friday, March 13, 2009

oh wow ok!

my family got me a suprise visit home to los angeles next week! we are driving all over and i will be doing everything from making burritos to hiking canyons to eating strawberries in beach caves to taking trains to seeing raquelllll and wearing summer clothes in her orange trees and hanging out with her black cat! i will also be doing art business stuff while there too so it's going to be nonstop fun. i am jamming this all into two weeks.

mostly i've been spring cleaning things. i was thinking of painting my room white, but i decided i like it yellow. it will stay yellow, it makes me happy.

i have this song by Ólöf arnalds in my head a lot.

soon the weather will we warmer and i will make (and devour like the gordita i am) this pie with the blackberries that grow under our kitchen window, but sadly not tomorrow. i can't WAIT.
list of tomorrows:
*tomorrow i get a haircut
*tomorrow a big shop update happens. lots of new lockets and ghost guides!
*tomorrow i will eat acorn squash on my roof
*tomorrow i will bring sick graham noodles (have i infected him?! muahaha!)
*tomorrow i will walk to mt.tabor
*tomorrow, somewhere, someone will do something kind

i wanted to share these things too before i go:

love, rebecca

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