Sunday, March 1, 2009

poo sunday

it looks like this outside which i love.
i always have big plans for sundays.
so naturally everything i needed to do today kicked me in the shin, and i spent this sunday sitting on my arse. UGH. the good news is lockets are done as well as ghost guides, and ready to be in the shop tomorrow. the sad news (besides being less productive than i prefer) is that my camera is old and uncooperative. i am hoping that tomorrow it will be willing to photograph things.

these flowers are growing all around our house, i love them, they look very fairy-like. i am told they are normal spring flowers, and they're amazing. i never saw anything like this in los angeles!
i cannot remember where i found this recipe, but i think i'm going to have to make it soon because everytime i think about it i get hungry:

i have felt pretty out of sorts lately. i blame bacteria, viruses, insomnia, indulging my hermit tendencies and lack of frozen yogurt. hopefully this week will be better. it's march! also it's been windy which i sincerely hope will turn into a crazy storm. i loves me a crazy storm.

this song never gets old :)
happy march everyone! go plant some seeds.

love, rebecca


Sprinkle said...

I LOVE stormy days and rain too. My friends think I'm crazy for loving them... :] When most get in good moods during SUNNY days, I get super happy when its grey and gloomy. That means lovely scarves and glittery mittens and magic, right? So sorry you haven't been feeling well little one. I can't wait to see the new merchandise, and I would buy it all up if I had the money! Grrr. You should have a contest so little fairies with no money, (like me!), can win a locket, perhaps? Just an idea. :]
You are too full of whimsy, dear. I love it.

StickyKitten said...

Love your lockets...they are beautiful! your work is so inspiring!!

hope you feel better soon =(