Tuesday, March 24, 2009

speak in code

i have been looking all over for different kinds of codes to try, here are a few i have found and saved to my computer:

vagabond codes!

also a few weeks ago julianna and me went to evan b harris' awesome studio to draw on a mega huge scroll. it was fun! thanks for having us evan!

and then we got organic! frozen! yogurt! that was amazing. mine is the packed little strawberry one.
(i stole these pictures from julianna, she is pretty much my personal life document-er).

i'm working on new stuff for etsy, hopefully all up in the shop by early next week. scout badges of courage for the not so courageous, originals, surprises...

love, rebecca


Me in Wonderland said...

i find you blog so beutiful and super-nice, i have given you an award! :)

Sarah said...

Lovely blog :)