Friday, March 20, 2009


here is what my brothers and i look like to you from a moving train.
trips home are nice. my little brothers are here too! it's good to be home with everyone under the same roof. i am a little sad this piece sold because i wanted to give it to my mom, but i am sure it is in a wonderful home.

this is how i feel sometimes when i get worried about things like mail/war/global warming/hydrogenated soybean oil/being a helpful and productive member of the world.
on a lighterrrr note

i'd like to do this all over our (julianna and my) apartment. i am in spring re-decoration mode. when i get back i am going to haunt the bins.

maybe i'll find a haunted piano! only if it was a nice ghostie though.
speaking of ghosties, my brothers are going to try to record evps tonight! spooky!
tomorrow if all goes according to plan, i am going to my beloved downtown to buy bootleg movies and eat mangoes on a stick :)

love, rebecca


Julianna said...

I can't wait until we are both back and can make the apartment all fancy like.

rebecca artemisa said...

me either! i have so many ideas!