Wednesday, April 1, 2009

april fools didn't happen

i believe i may have found my dream sweater.
my hair is getting cut short short short for spring and summer!

i miss my past gardens. this is part of the one i had when i lived in the farmlands a few years back. i can't wait to get started planting things. i don't know if we have a whole lot of room to grow much (which i am ok with because it means a crapload of delicious blackberries in the summertime), but i think we could plant a few useful herbs for tea and cooking including english lavender, as well as some already partly grown tomatoes and chives. it's weird to pay closer attention to seasons and planting because in california you can plant stuff like tomatoes and berries almost year round, you got to be more careful in portland!

it turns out i need to stay longer in l.a. for a minor shoulder surgery. i am not looking forward to this at all, but i am glad to be with my friends longer. i am also glad because then i will feel 100% better and not in painnnn. the only bad thing about the wait is that i am so antsy when i don't have all my painting materials with me and miss everyone in portland. i want to fix up my home and plant things!
today i realized i like the way my age sounds. twenty two. twennytoo. twunty tu. i am getting quite old, but i don't grow vertically anymore which might be a good thing because then we would have giant old folks.

what else am i up to? drawin', singin', nothin'.


Graham said...

I can't speak for the rest of Portland, but this guy here misses you quite a lot. Come home and we can plant things together.

rebecca artemisa said...

i will plant squash so we can eat it in the fall! is the dirt in your home available for me to get dirty in?

StickyKitten said...

Hi there~

I can't wait to start planting also! (I live in NJ) I like the picture of your old garden. Sorry to hear you need shoulder surgery, that's a bummer. Hope you feel better soon!


Julianna said...

yea! We'll plant some tomatoes for sure, I'm not going another summer having to pay $5 for one tomato!

Anonymous said...

oh, where is that sweater from? it's completely perfect!