Saturday, April 4, 2009

:) & :(

i am sick AGAIN. i can't even believe this. i'd like to fire my immune system and replace it with chuck norris thank you very much good day.
anywho i love this song a whole lot lately (ironically called "i feel better").

this is one of the most beautiful things i've seen this week.


tinyredhands said...

God damn it! I will kick yr sicknesses ass. P.S. I miss yr face and want visits. Are you in Portland? Can I make you soup?

I love,

rebecca artemisa said...

i miss you too :(
no not yet! i'll be back on the 18th!
yes yes make me soup! i love me some mimi cookin'. i can make lavender cookies!

Enchanted Royals said...

There is a remarkably similar scarf with pale pink stripes at the GAP right now! Make it happen; I already did :). Hope ye are healing nicely!