Sunday, April 26, 2009

canyons and sore shoulders and homecomings!

pictures of my canyon trip a few weeks ago. i wish it had been warmer so i could have gone swimming in the river! chris (my littlest brother) and i went off trails to go exploring for interesting things to photograph, but also because we love exploring in wilderness and wanted to cross the river a couple times. the water was so brutally cold i didn't know whether to laugh or cry so i did both.
i love that beehive state to no end. here's a painting i did about it last year. it's beekeepers fulfilling their prophecies and sometimes getting baptized:

also i am back in portland now! finally! my shoulder is killing me! despite this, i am having a very good time even if all i can do is sit around in bed or at the kitchen table writing stories about colossal squids and misunderstood, friendly zombies who are nothing more than living dead earthworms, and treacherously brave deciduous forest queens with anger issues. also i am plotting paintings because i have some huge shows/work coming up. i get exhausted and overjoyed just thinking about it.
here's a really funny story that i like and a new sufjan stevens song i like a lot too.
ok time to bake me some rosemary bread!

love, rebecca


pomegranates said...

such beautiful photos and of course, the painting too! oh, and send me some rosemary bread, yum!

into the trees said...

the forest photo is my favorite! It is slighty spooky and fantastic. And I love your art!

rebecca artemisa said...

thanks you guys! :)

Jesses Mess said...

Your work is loooooverly.