Thursday, April 9, 2009

springtime woo!

a beautiful rachel comey scarf that probably costs more than my rent.

easter shoes!
these are the beautiful comfy things i wish were mine.

one of my favorite and most sacred albums ever, especially for springtime. i've been singing this wherever i go, which is kind of embarassing because i sing like a tiny cat (in a remarkably uncharming way) and because i forget where i choose to sing like a tiny cat which is pretty much anywhere (such as the grocery store) as patient graham or various family members may tell you.

i like whitman advice.

in other news life is weird but good. i am really frustrated with the portland postal system. i have a couple packages i've sent out and packages i was meant to recieve go missing, packages damaged that they notified me that needed to be re-sent, and it isn't the first time!!! my friends have had this problem recently too and it's making me homicidal and broke.
shoulder surgery on monday! i am kind of scared but it'll be ok. then i go home home home thank goodness!
currently i am planning to paint portraits of abigail adams' ghost appearing in the night to an 11 year old girl cheating her way through bible school and amelia earhart's last hours in her plane. i am fascinated by them. they lived so practically and courageously, but i view them as these fantastic, almost mythical creatures. saints for the practical maybe? hm that's an interesting thought.
anywho, i hope all is well on your spring frontier!

love, rebecca


Graham said...

I'm glad you think I'm patient. I happen to enjoy your tiny cat voice, and am surprised that you put up with my random whistling and such.

Also, Abigail Adams has an answer for everything.

Sprinkle said...

A tiny cat voice! How cute! :)
Good luck on your surgery, and I'm sorry your postal service is going crazy... I don't think I'd be able to stand it!!
The paintings you're thinking of sound fantastic, I can't wait to see them!
I just did a post on some ghost brooches I made, and I thought you'd get a kick out of them, since you love ghosts so much! :)
I already sold one to Paris, France!