Saturday, April 11, 2009

valerie and her week of wonders

there are no words to describe my love for this story by vítězslav nezval. it was written during the czech surrealist movement of the 30s, and is one of my favorite novels of all time. it is my favorite film of all time in my favorite genre of all time (say yes to czech new wave!). it is my favorite soundtrack/album of all time. it has vampires. it's one of the most inspiring things i have ever seen. it's beautiful.


Sprinkle said...

Ooh what a lovely video! :)
I commented on your previous post, because I thought it was your most recent one! :) So you may want to check it, just in case.

Enchanted Royals said...

Ohhh!!! I love this film. I actually saw it at the Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles a year and a half ago under the name "The Valerie Project" ( The music is played live by an amazing group of musicians, including a lot of the original members of Espers. See if it's coming to you anytime soon! You'll love.

rosehkins said...

it is very beautiful <3 the cinematography is great, the last scene was my favorite. this movie actually got me into czech new wave, I just wish it was a lot easier to get a hold of :]

I love your blog by the way :p