Saturday, June 20, 2009

central and remote

my new drawing/painting (drainting? yes) "wicked mountain". it's about little peb and i traveling to calm down wicked mountain spirits with the help of milksweet moths. it's like a little bedtime story from me to you, but in picture form :)

it will soon be up in my etsy along with prints, another re-print of ghost guides, lockets, brooches and all that good stuff. i think that's going to happen this coming wednesday or thursday. lotsa work! i feel awful for being such a hermit lately, more than usual due to my shoulder being kaput for so long, then stress and workloads. i need to see my awesome buddies more!

today julianna and i almost didn't have a yardsale due to a huge bout of apathy, but then we did! it turned out really well and i am glad for that.

in other news probably uninteresting to anyone but myself, i have decided to paint my room entirely minty white. like valerie.

june gloom lately, but good clientele weather, especially in the early morning and evenings. doncha think so?
love and rockets, rebecca

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