Monday, June 29, 2009

super productive fun times

i did new "draintings", made new lockets, fresh re-print of ghost guides and have done my first prints (all signed and with small symbols of encouragement since i do not like numbers, on very nice paper)! they are all up in my etsy shop now, and it is no longer empty.
(i almost typed "all up in my grill" instead of "all up in my etsy" which has made me laugh a lot. oh brain, what are you doing?).

third of all i am growing a cute little cactus family. i like cacti. they are tough and funny and grumpy and remind me of spring in rural arizona and utah (pretty much the #1 most missed places in rebeccaworld). they usually hang out with ferdinand, my taxidermy vampire bat head from indonesia.
love, rebecca


Larisa said...

oh beautiful! will the top right locket be available (or available agin if it's sold already)? I didn't see it on the shop.

Sprinkle said...

Don't you love being productive? I do :) Its sooo good to realize there's nothing left on your to-do list. I'm asking for something from your shop for my birthday, so fingers crossed!
xoxo Sprinkle

annamgovier said...

Hi, could you tell me if there will be more editions of these prints in the future - I love the 'birthday' one but am unable to purchase it at the moment. Thanks!

into the trees said...

the new lockets are as lovely as always! my newest obsession is for cacti and succulents and I'm loving your little group of them! <3

Lauren said...

cute lockets!