Saturday, July 18, 2009

if we were made of cellophane

things i like lately

*pictures of other people's cereal, i sure love cereal!
*making drawing stories (aka comics i guess) i'll probably either make into another booklet much like my ghost guide, or never show anyone ever.
*taking pictures of my hand.

i sure like drawing and photographing hands
*the ghost of steven foster song! i have apparently been living under a rock that all the cool kids lived above for the past 10 years, because until 2 nights ago i never heard of the squirrel nut zippers (named after a candy), who are quickly becoming my new favorite band. everything about this video and song is perfect!!!

it's saturday! this means it's a party day! a day for parties! i am sure i will think of something.

love, rebecca

p.s. i finally am getting a printer/scanner, though i am still using graham's computer. baby steps.


barb jensen said...

I just found your blog, I would have said 'stumbled upon' but that has a different meaning now. Anyway, I love it and I especially love the squirrel nut video.

ps i swiped it and put it on my facebook page. :)

Anonymous said...

great drawing....

draw on hand