Tuesday, July 28, 2009

lawns of chocolate and lemonade

i organized things in little piles. when i feel messy i like to organize things in little piles. my piles turn into messes again, but it's the effort that counts i suppose.

my buddy meagan (aka wisdom tooth) came for a visit! here she is being rad and playing a little show before we watched documentaries outside.

mimi bought a table at the zine symposium! it was pretty last minute when we talked about it (night before), but graham and i had some zines, so i went, sold/traded some ghost guides, saw friends, pulled in some zine loot (note julia's extra fantastic ariadne auf naxos comics), almost starved to death, but then got a big falafel and felt much better. i walked back home across the hawthorne bridge and felt very happy to live in such a beautiful city. i wish portland summers would last forever sometimes.

love, rebecca

p.s. it is in the hundreds this week and we have absolutely no ac, anyone want to take me to a river so i can jump in with all my clothes on?


Sprinkle M. said...
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tinyredhands said...

I will take you to the river anytime this week bebe.

Cris said...

hi from spain! i like your blog so much, i'll back here!! ^^

Anonymous said...

We have absolutely no act


rebecca artemisa said...

hi sprinkle
yes, she's awesome! it's always fun when she comes to visit. i think she might have her email on her myspace somewhere, but if not let me know and i can message her

mimi! yay! perhaps this coming week?

thanks cris :)