Monday, July 13, 2009

lucky old sun

new favorite cover of a favorite song

and good news! these blackberries under our kitchen window that were mercilessly (and for no good blessed reason) chopped down last summer are growing back real fast.

love, rebecca
p.s. shop updates are coming next week, new lockets, brooches and prints (also, magic sticks)!


Marcine M. said...
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Marcine M. said...

oh goodness. her voice is so beautiful and sweet! thanks for sharing rebecca!

Sprinkle M. said...

Oooh yay for nature! & what a beautiful song... I love your art so much, ahh! I cannot wait for your update. Thanks for sharing all of this. :)
xoxo Sprinkle

Anonymous said...

This is last summer are growing back real fast.....

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