Saturday, August 15, 2009

dream bean

today julianna and i went out and basically ate delicious food all the live long day! we even brought some home. i feel very fancy eating french macarons, but besides being fancy they are also rewarders of taste buds.

and then i got my dream summer bag for $2 :)

then i played my xylophone. i found it with my buddy raquel (good egg royalty) before i moved to oregon and it makes me really happy. i should figure out how to make a video so i can show off the songs i know.

i'm awful sorry for my lack of etsy updates and empty update promises, and appreciate the emails i have gotten. i haven't forgotten! i have some pretty big shows coming up and painting, while my favorite thing in the world to do, sucks up a lot of my time. i have lockets painted and prints being re-made so it's going to happen by moonday. no more empty promises!

love, rebecca

p.s. i hope you are all dandy

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lotte janssens said...

your xylophone is so pretty with those flowers on, very special and your summer bag is certainly a dreamy one.