Sunday, August 30, 2009

tea time soon

soon it will be fall. this makes me incredibly happy because i am the kind of person who thrives and smiles in cold weather and am also the kind of person who prefers to eat apples, soup and oven baked squash for almost all meals. i wish i could find that hat the girl in the above photo is wearing. i wish i could dress like that all the time! i suppose i could always learn to crochet or knit it...

i found my favorite beer in a cute tiny bottle last night (which was also a very fun night with julianna and graham at a THIS very lovely french cafe). you have to drink it (the fancy beer) out of a special cup!

tonight? ships.
tomorrow? possibly an art museum. also a lot of work. 2 very big shows, trips, and my birthday are coming up!

i love that there is a huge tree outside my window. at night and in the morning it goes "shhh whoosh shhh"

love, rebecca


heleen said...

HOORAY for Belgian beer! :)

Sprinkle M. said...

Oh I absolutely adore that first photo, how magical is that outfit?
& I am like you, I love winter and fall so much more than spring and summer. Scarves and little hats and snuggling with loved ones, snowflakes, whispers in the frozen air... Perfection.
xoxo Sprinkle

rebecca artemisa said...

hooray indeed!
thanks sprinkle, it's nice to meet another fan of frozen air :)

Windy Days said...

Hi Rebecca!
Thanks for solving the mystery! Her work is wonderful and so is yours! I really love your drawings.
I shall be reading your blog. :)

Cold weather is the best, there's nothing I like better than being warm and cosy. :)

camille said...

Methinks I like your blog:) The photo of the ship is amazing and yes, I wish I could sew.

rebecca artemisa said...

hi windy days, no problem! thank you so much, it was funny i found you so randomly and then saw her work :)
same! your blog is beautiful.

thanks camille :)

kyra zoe said...

autuum autuum autuum ! <3

andrea the pomegranates said...

mmmm...chimay, the monks sure know how to brew beer! my husband bought some on halloween and while we were trick or treating, he and his friend were walking behind us with their fancy glasses filled with chimay!

soup, squash, apples...perfect too...