Thursday, August 20, 2009

an update, finally!

finally got around to updating the shop again (after a minor shoulder injury this week and other nonsense), take a look if you like :) there are some new designs and new prints as well!
i am going to start updating every week instead of once every 2 months like a little slug.

it's hotter than pancakes here (i wish it was fall so bad right now, i wilt in hot weather). graham and i have been re-painting the floorboards, hiding in our room with the fan full blast and soon we'll be eating fancy sandwiches for dinner. a good, sturdy, productive day!

i often replay this scene in my head from "el espiritu de la colmena". it makes me so happy and oddly sad at the same time. i've always had a love of train scenes and the theme of frankenstein, so i guess it makes sense.

toot toot!

love, rebecca


Sprinkle M. said...

I love your creations oh so much, you are such an amazing artist. Keep up the brilliance, love!

Graham said...

My foot has fallen asleep.


ClaireBee said...

Lovely work, I wasn't able to look at your etsy shop because it is down at the moment but I will do so soon.

deborah said...

i know if i go to a blog, and find myself looking back, back and back some more, it means i need to follow it and put it as a favorite link. awesome!! i went back many, many pages=)