Friday, October 23, 2009

oh there's trouble on my mind

i am in love with this song by ainjel emme. it makes me think of my cold days in the mountains (as seen above), and it is perfect. i have been a fan of her's since i was a teeny 11 year old with grass stained knees, and i am honored to not only be a huge fan of this mighty lady, but call her a friend.
i just realized it is nearly 5 a.m. here! sometimes not even tea, warm socks, or even reading moomin can cure my awful insomnia, so this is a good song to hum to at those times.

am i the only sleepless one? does anyone out there have abominable sleeping patterns too? i am surrounded by good, wholesome eggs who go to bed and wake up at reasonable hours so i feel like a black sheep.

love, rebecca the sleepless


look at this video of ainjel singing to the trees of oregon at night and freezing to death but shrugging it off admirably. she stayed with us recently because she was on a mini tour and i got to be camera lady (you can hear me cheer at the end) :)

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sarah said...

Hello Rebecca - I just thought I would add a little comment because I am o so TERRIBLE at sleeping at normal times also! Often up til 3, 4, 5am! Tut tut. :-)