Sunday, November 22, 2009

i sound my barbaric yawp! sort of.

tomorrow i am traveling to the wilderness of PA with graham for thanksgiving! it will be my first time "back east" in my whole life.
thanksgiving and imagined memories of back east make me think of dead poets and yawping. BARBARIC YAWPING! see:

i should be packing, but i've been updating my shop after a nearly 3 month delay (and figuring out how to take my work on the road), procrastinating urgent chores, and doing shots of airborne to stomp the germs out of me.

well, anyway here is a teeny shop update. there is one new special and very limited print (once they are gone it's gone forever)! newer prints are coming in exactly a week as are some holiday and winter solstice things.
whee! yawp!

love, rebecca
p.s. oh please listen to this song, it's so beautiful it's a cryin' shame.


Stina G said...

You always post such lovely songs! And thanks for posting that vid clip - reminds me that I have to watch that movie again.

rebecca artemisa said...

thanks very much!
it's such a good fall/winter movie