Sunday, November 29, 2009

things i would like for the upcoming solstice

i am in love with the beautiful band taxi taxi! and they just came out with an ep! swoon swoon

a hot air balloon made of paper to set off over a lake with my friends

this shirt (it's a z made with an a! hehe)

a new bag

the beautiful cutting scissors from mieke willems shop

warm socks
someone to plant a tree for me, and a little yellow light for our wall so we can read in bed without getting blinder.
i really love making lists of things i would like, but i have an achey cold (must've caught it in the airport), a wounded knee, many paintings to make and a spotty phone, so now i will go tend to those for awhile. probably while watching this, this, or THIS.

love always and happy belated thanksgiving!, rebecca


tinyredhands said...

ugh babes! i wanna marry both of them.

rebecca artemisa said...

total babes! me too.

Sprinkle M. said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
you are so inspiring, dearest.