Thursday, November 5, 2009

whoa oh oh

julianna has gone back to michigan for the whole winter which makes me sad :(
then i found out a bunch of etsy orders i literally sent out months ago never got sent. they just sat in a pile at the post office forgotten. you have no idea what rage this has caused me. between my computer breaking forever, spotty internet access and a bunch of art show work coming and going and driving me insane and then this happened. to people who have not gotten orders yet, i am so sorry. a similar thing happened to me around this time last year, give or take a month. portland has the worst postal system ever. on another tangent, i ordered some stuff from ebay that took 1 month to get here after the post office assured me it had been delivered the first week it was sent out. RAGE, RAGE!!! i know i am not the only person in portland who's had similar dumb problems, but i feel particularly cursed by the u.s.p.s. here. they have made me loose a lot of money on lost orders and inconvenienced a lot of my customers/friends/family members/myself.


Julianna said...

It's annoying that they forgot them in the first place, but I think it's good news that they found them again! Can you get them back or did they just send them on? I hope they gave them back because since you already replaced most of those at least you can resell them!

I hope you're playing the lottery so you can win and come out here!

Anke said...

ohh, did they find mine?

rebecca artemisa said...

yes anke they have! it will finally be in your hands soon :)

Anke said...

oh I'm so happy they found it!
But it's so awful that the post office caused you all this trouble. I'll be sending you a special parcel. x

Hannah said...

Ooh I think one might be one for me!

I stumbled across your blog a while ago, and opened an Etsy account especially to order the print of the girl inside a circle of strange beautiful little things. I assumed things had messed up on my end as Australia Post is also far from reliable!

Thanks for posting the explanation, and please don't be too upset as I know it will be worth the wait.