Wednesday, December 30, 2009

bye 2009!

ok first of all it snowed. hallejujah! i love snow. i did an appreciation snow dance to this song in my granny pajamas. then i realized people could see in the apartment. harderbetterfasterstronger snow INDEED.

then we got amazing post christmas packages from graham's parental units. among other neat things, graham and i got beautiful teacups. we adore everything! thank you so much <3

then the excitement was too much for graham and he got an earache so bad that we have an emergency doctor's appointment later tonight. i expect i will get a lot of drawing done in the waiting room. poor bunny. despite feeling awful, the man will still put on a bowtie, and that is why i love him.

new years is going to be interesting. or nerdy. maybe both. i am sure it will involve champagne, violent femmes singalongs and tacos at some point.
i apologize if you read this thing expecting me to be exciting eventually. i am a complete dork, and usually stay at my desk painting and drawing all the time, but appreciate your company and wish we were all friends (those handful of you who read this who do not know me in real life but i wish we did) so i could make you some raspberry rhubarb pie.

anywho, happy belated holidays everyone, and a new year :)
xo and love, rebecca


barb jensen said...

I had forgotten all about the daft hands video. So great!

darlingrun said...

happy new year!

Sprinkle M. said...

haha a snow appreciation dance! it snowed here too, how wonderful. happy new years!

Anonymous said...

hello, lovie. I've only just discovered your blog, and am just enchanted my it ♥
you seem so delightful, I cannot wait for more posts ♥
xx olivia

tomat said...

your snow apreciation dance comment remind me of this

you can see the original video as the replied one