Thursday, December 3, 2009

a normal day

i got much needed new shoes! they are only $8 too! i adore their packaging almost as much as the shoes themselves. they are commonly meant for taichi practice, but since i do not know how to do taichi, i plan to use them for everything else since they are very comfy and make you feel like you can jump around. the word on the side supposedly means "warrior" in chinese too. all in all, i am pretty sure i have found the sneaker i will be wearing the rest of my life.

then i doodled around and brainstormed and painted some sea waves and apple trees with séances and foxes while watching spooky ghost shows and debated (around the 6 p.m. mark) whether to switch from the earl grey tea i've been drinking all day to wine. hmmmm. i decided to water my plants and make a grilled cheese tomato sandwich instead.

also, i am so excited for the holidays!!! i hung these little decorations my mom sent me up in our window to nat king cole last night, and tomorrow i am getting twinkle lights and a little pine wreath. it makes me really happy to hear these songs and decorate, but it also made me miss my family. my mom would play his christmas album 24 hour a day in december when my brothers and i were small (much to my dad's chagrin). we would eat roasted tomatoes&potatoes, quesadillas, homemade sugar cookies in the shape of hearts and red hots all month.

i have a couple shows and comics coming up that are occupying most of my time when i am not documenting new sneakers and christmas memories, so i will post about those very soon as well.

love always, rebecca


Anonymous said...

Your new sneakers make me really happy. Actually, it's the sock/sneaker combo, but either would do on their own in a pinch.

How you managed to 1) find them and 2) have them sent to you wrapped like a deli sandwich is beyond me. But it makes me happy.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

nice foxes floating in your window!

mieke willems said...

oh, i have those too, my favorite ever!! i wear them for 1,5 year now,want to buy them again, cause they are old and dirty. got them on ebay at that time, where did you buy them? would like to have them in a bag like that as well!! ha ha

rebecca artemisa said...

hello sixorangecarrots, you can find them on ebay actually, and in little chinese martial arts studios :)
julie, thank you.
mieke willems, ebay too! i know, i adore the little bag, if i hadn't spilled soup on it i would have kept it.