Tuesday, December 15, 2009

oh well okay

back from family trips! now eating tortilla soup and also feeling kind of gross.
i have that awful feeling you get before you get sick that you've put off for weeks with airborne, tea and denial, but then you wake up with a headache and the touch of anything cold on bare skin hurts. i am going to continue ignoring this for as long as possible because the amount of things i have to do by the new year scares me.

in much more important news, graham surprised me with a tree! we decorated it with ornaments from mexico and things i made when i was three.
i need to take more pictures of my life adventures so i can remember more.

much love, rebecca
p.s. i highly rebeccamend everyone go out and get the fantastic mr. fox soundtrack, you will never regret it


Graham said...

Merry Christmas sweetheart! Feel better!

rebecca artemisa said...

thank you bean. i do feel much better today. tortilla soup can cure almost anything.