Saturday, January 9, 2010

it's the worst!

demon hands, it's the worst!
i have a solo show next week called "a crying shame" at lebasse gallery. preparing for it has slowly made me lose my feeble mind, but i am really happy with my paintings and will be glad to be in los angeles with my family to eat fresh from the garden tomato soup, talk to my little brothers, maybe do a little window installation and see the ocean. it is such a nice feeling to get the stories in my head out onto little planks of wood. it's like a non wizard version of a pensieve. i feel like a mint leaf. i hope that makes sense to you but don't blame you if it doesn't.

i love this song, it has made me use the expression "it's the worst" way too much, but i don't mind because it's often appropriate. i am also posting it in honor of mimi (the opposite of a creep) who just had a big ole birthday! happy belated birthday mimi i love you!

then i didn't feel good with flu residual and watched "me without you" for the umpteenth time and sobbed into my blackberry english muffin and tea.

love your little creep, rebecca

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tinyredhands said...

I don't know if I am the opposite of a creep... The new painting is great. Let's get a drink before you leave.