Monday, March 15, 2010

and you'll follow the creek that runs out into the sea

last night and today was kind of like the wind coming back into my sails. we (meaning the usual trio of julianna, graham and myself) went out with our friends to breakfast. it was wonderful! you'd never believe it by looking at those magnificent eggs, but the best part of my breakfast was the tea which was jasmine-lavender. i need to figure out the proper plants to buy so that i can re-create it all summer long.
later on, graham and i went for a walk:

i brought things home and listened to this beautiful song over and over that my friend raquel shared with me.

love, rebecca
p.s. just in case you missed it and need to contact me, i have a new/temporary email address "" due to my old one being hacked and inaccessible to me right now. i'm starting to tackle all my missed connections tonight and all day tomorrow, thank you everyone for being so kind and understanding!


Julianna said...

I was listening to that song over and over all day in my room too haha!

rebecca artemisa said...

haha! it's so purtyyyyy and emotional!

Anonymous said...

your art has really inspired me you have influenced me so much and I adore your little blog xoxox

rebecca said...

thank you so much lunatribes, that means very much to me

Kim Baise said...

I just discovered your blog and adore it too! So inspiring eye- candy soulfood

Nishant said...

its amazing
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