Monday, March 29, 2010

being tidy is not in my nature

there are henry darger flowers going completely nuts everywhere!

on one of my walks to mount tabor i made graham a bowtie out of grass. i love going for walks now. for awhile, going outside was a tense chore, but now i am getting better and remembering that my happiness is often determined by how long i am outside. it is also determined by good burritos, which i totally have covered. i have some serious bike plans (paint job, new tires, proper helmet) for the summer where my love of the great outdoors, wind in my hair and retrieving good burritos shall all become united.

the rest of the day will be spent preparing! preparing with fresh coffee and pastries, preparing for parents! they are visiting all week and i am so happy, but it also means that i need to make everything clean and get a lot done. i like to get ready to bikini kill, riot grrrl cleaning is now in session:

but not without mint tea first.
love, rebecca


Anonymous said...

pretty flowers Xx

rebecca artemisa said...

aren't they! i swoon on a daily basis!

kittycat said...

haha cute bow tie! i love bikini kill.

xo tiffany

Kim Baise said...

beautiful flowers!
mmm I love fresh mint tea and bikini kill too :)

Nishant said...

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mieke willems said...

nice post! those flowers really look like henry darger's drawings!!