Friday, March 19, 2010

nice things to remember when i'm old

surprise macaron days with julianna. YES. i think they are rose, violet and pistachio. my favorite kind of flavors.

i decided on these moscot glasses since i have no vision care anymore (THANKS AMERICA edit, now with no sarcasm!nevermind thank you obama), and cannot afford contacts anymore. i think they're pretty sharp. they remind me of truman capote glasses which is fitting since we have the same birthday.
also, somehow my head smells like honeysuckle. i like it.
these spring days are pretty great so far! like this (below) but instead of being tragic sebastians we are all happy sebastians!

love, rebecca


hannah said...

macarons! gorgeous glasses! i've fallen for your blog.

rebecca artemisa said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

oh those macaroons look lovely they must be so yummy.those glasses are lovely they are much better than contacts as a little girl I always wanted to wear glasses so I would pop the lenses out of my barbie sunglasses and put saran wrap over them I was terribly blind but I didnt care

Julianna said...

I'm still tragic sebastian.

rebecca artemisa said...

haha lunatribes that story is so cute! i sadly took much longer to appreciate my glasses, i've been wearing them since i was 6!
hahaha julianna no you're not.

Nishant said...

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