Wednesday, March 24, 2010

tea things and paint things

i recently got some flowers to make tea with (chamomile, jasmine and lavender) from a local herb shop, and so far i am pretty ready to only make loose tea with fresh herbs from now on. i also got a beautiful mug from this beautiful shop (seen above).
i have been trying my hardest this past week to walk to the top of mount tabor everyday, but yesterday while on my way back down, hurt my foot. now i can barely put pressure on it :(

so today is a prepare more pages for stumptown comics/brainstorm paintings day. i have been working on this one painting forever! it is very big and has enough tiny details to drive me completely insane (i've actually had to use a magnifying glass on this one several times). i am a masochistic painter!
that's all the news from lake woebegone you guys. hope all is well.
love, rebecca
p.s. if you live in portland and haven't been to delta, you totally need to go! our sweet friend sarah invited julianna and i and it's kind of amazing and i am eternally grateful. get the "hey-ya!", it's cucumber infused vodka with fresh cranberry juice, very refreshing and tasty! i am going to try to re-create it this summer to compliment my grilled vegetables + dirty rice all summer long meal plan. it sounds like a pretty heavenly combo to me.


curethisheart said...

making your own herbal tea is such a good idea! :) & i absolutely love your paintings :D x x

curethisheart said...

hope your foot gets better too :) x

✦ERIN said...

your cup is gorgeous
it must be happy to live
with you and your beautiful
art xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I would love to see this painting in person and look at all the little details it drives me mad when a painting takes me a long time I feel like giving up but the little stories burn inside me until I get them out