Friday, April 16, 2010

april showers

today i did not feel good at all, physically or emotionally. everything seemed to be going kind of bonkers, but then i got cool mail! postcards from sarah mcneil's beautiful shop, and cute little tea towels and a yellow crayon from mieke willems.

THEN, julianna and graham convinced me that everything was going to be ok and to stop being a big baby, and we went to eat at broders with our buddy sarah. i got a grilled cheese tomato with carrot ginger soup, and they gave us these beautiful complimentary little "danish pancakes" with lemon curd, lingonberry jam and apple sauce. it was pitch perfect, everything there is always amazing and so fresh, yes!! i still feel pretty seedy, but loads better than before. there are beautiful flowers everywhere, and i think i just needed a rest; also having great friends helps.

love, rebecca
p.s. happy birthday to my little brother chris! he is 19 as of yesterday, which kind of blows my mind. chris i remember pushing you around the pavement in a tonka truck toy (that's how small you were!) and playing "airplane" (for those who are unfamiliar with "airplane", it is a bigger person balancing a little person while lying down with their feet in the air), and now you are huge and can pick me up. that's crazy. happy birthday!


Anonymous said...

Rebecca, for what it's worth, I love your blog and have been lucky enough to discover cool new music through it. I found it several months back through Julianna's blog.
I love coming here for inspiration!
I just wanted to tell you. Sometimes when people leave a nice compliment for me it always makes me feel a little better.
Glad to hear you are on the mend!

{Sprinkle Diary} Maddie. said...

Isn't it great having spectacular friends? Gosh I love your blog & the entire aesthetic of your photos. You have such an amazing style.
xoxo Maddie