Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i like to document

favorite breakfast: toasted everything bagel with cream cheese, avocado, tiny sun warmed tomatoes, with fresh ground salt and pepper. homemade lavender tea.

favorite soft cardigan, blouse and pin.

favorite song to hum hum hum
what are your favorites? anyone? bueller?
i tried my first egg cream in a swanky deli the other day after years (over a decade) of being curious due to "harriet the spy". i must say, i found it pretty delicious! i wonder why they call it an egg cream since it has neither egg, nor cream in it? it's a mystery.
love, rebecca
p.s. happy birthday little brother peter aka speedy petey! i remember the day you were born, and how i demanded that you speak to me, then being very sad after dad informed me i had to wait at least another year to get you to talk back to me. also i remember me and you in a little tent of greenbeans wearing homemade satin capes in the backyard, and eating dirt smudged sandwiches like wild children. it was awesome. i cannot even comprehend you are 21. we are so old! easy on the tequila xo


Zoƫ said...

What a sweet post! I've only recently discovered the joys of a toasted bagel with cream cheese!

The blouse and cardi is perfect for the spring season, very cute :)

I love to hum this:
Lille - Lisa Hannigan.

andrea the pomegranates said...

love the little skeleton/zombie/whatever it is it's cute pin!

rebecca artemisa said...

ohhh i love lisa hannigan and that song :) bagels and cream cheese are foods of the gods!
thanks andrea xo

curethisheart said...

this looks so beautiful ♥ i love bagel and cream cheese. all your food is so pretty! homemade lavender tea? this sounds amazing! i'd love to know how to make this :) x x