Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a moody time

i love our jumbly, cozy little room. it keeps us safe from all the rain.
today the weather is super moody and i feel extremely restless, so much so that i will probably spend the rest of the day scarfing down ginger and lavender tea (i am so stoked i can now make my own homemade tea!) to calm my nerves. i don't even know what i am so restless and even a bit sad about! usually i am a pretty quiet, calm person. lately i have too many thoughts zooming around. i'm saving up for a summer-fall garden. i have plans but sometimes lack the funds for them. it's hard trying to live off of drawings, though i appreciate every moment. i will probably end up watching "valerie and her week of wonders", which is my comfort movie going on 3 years. it's probably kind of weird that it's my comfort movie, oh well.

vents aside, julianna picked up a magazine for anja at the asian market and we poked through it a bit (sorry anja, it was just so pretty!) and then i found the outfit i want to wear for the rest of my life. functional and cute, so perfect!

oh! and i have real news! graham, the honey to my oatmeal, the tortilla to my quesadilla, the most awesome human i know, is having his first solo show in less than 2 weeks at guapo comics, here in pdx! he designed the sweet poster shown above! his second issue of blunderbus is coming out too. if you live in portland, you should totally come. you'll see great art, get free booze, be supporting a great and talented guy and a great thing, independent comics.
now it is time for me to go make some tea.
love, rebecca
p.s. um, speaking of comics and graham, i just realized this is totally me (as hopey) and him (as maggie) almost every morning


Graham said...

I love you too, oatmeal. You forgot to mention that I will have a second book debuting there as well. One that stars your very own self (or a tiny, humongous-eyed approximation thereof), doing a wide variety of the usual things that you do.

rebecca artemisa said...

i am putting mint leaves on your feet

Meagan said...

i love maggie and hopey! and i love valerie and her week of wonders! and i miss you! and i want to come visit again!


rebecca artemisa said...

meagan! i miss you too! you should come visit soon and we can have a czech new wave marathon. i was actually listening to one of your songs when i read your comment!