Sunday, April 11, 2010

reminding me to know that i'm glad

i cut my hair very short (i think it's only about 3 inches left on my head, i call it my "joan of arc" haircut) and have been trying my best to eat only fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and fresh baked bread. in fact, i am baking a new loaf of rosemary bread and eating an orange as i write this! soon i will walk up to the top of mt. tabor and sit and think with music in my ears.
i really like that i live near a mountain called mt. tabor, because the transfiguration always was one of my favorite stories from the bible as a little girl. i think it's partly why i paint mountains so much.

speaking of mountains i am currently working on a painting i started a year and a half ago and hated (about snowy mountains). now that i look at it again, i understand it, and need to finish it instead of my original hissyfit idea of using it for firewood. i am so glad i held onto it!
love and besos!


Graham said...

I'm quite glad you held on to it too. It was always one of my favorites. Now give it the ol' spit polish!

rebecca artemisa said...

i think i already dropped a little bit of a burrito on it, so i might have to literally do that :(

Earth said...

ohhh, your fruits look so yummy, i want to change my eating habit, i ate too much for about 5 days so far and i gain weight which i don't want. anyway, hope you enjoy with your fruits :)

Marcine M. said...

oooooo I want to see your hair! Joan of Arc (in the silent film) is the most beautiful person I've ever laid eyes on!