Sunday, May 9, 2010

hark! a rodent! in other news: hi mom

(this morning's organized desk process: philosophy books, czech books, candy bars, pretty perfume,lavender diamond, comics, postcards, paint)
we have a seasonal window. this means that from october-may it is hopelessly stuck closed and may-september it is hopelessly stuck open. this morning at 7am sharp, this little bastard came running into our room and leaping around our bed. i was semi sleeping and felt tiny feet running around on my body but was too lazy to move and for some reason, didn't think much of it. graham on the other hand bolted and started yelling "jesus christ! a squirrel! get out of here! AUGHHH!"
our poor squirrel friend was absolutely terrified and ran back out the window. graham was absolutely horrified and had to go back to bed. i ate some apple slices and organized drawings, sketched ideas for new painted lockets, drank a pint of raspberry lemonade, and now i am going to go make breakfast and run errands.

in news unrelated to squirrels, but related to happiness: happy mothers day mom! thank you for reading "go dog go" and "the secret garden" over and over to me non-stop for 6 years without ever losing patience, growing us a tent of greenbeans when we were little, and a million other things.

love, rebecca

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Zoƫ said...

oh that mr. t video kills me every damn time!

i'd like some of that truffle, looks yummy!