Wednesday, May 12, 2010

hello world i'm your wild girl

today will consist of reunions (julianna yay you are finally coming home from california adventure!), walks, hugs and hopefully fresh baked pie. this spring has been really something special. i feel like my life is growing into me, or i am growing into something? i am not sure how to put it. it's all gardening, strawberries, mountains, projects, ghosts and writing/drawing at my desk for 7 hour stretches. i'm also trying to start an all girls laurelhurst park skateboard picnic club. we will skate around, have fun, and then have a picnic bbq when we are all scraped up, dirty and hungry after a few hours. sounds like my 14 year old self and a dream come true! it's new and more orderly life, but i like it! set schedules and growing a little bit of roots are not the enemy after all. what a relief.

i listen to this when i am making tea. it makes me feel super happy and tough. tough tea! time to go make it so i can be tough and happy all day long.
love, rebecca


Kim Baise said...

love this song!


Excellent photos, Love them all ;)