Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i'm covered in bug bites

gloomy days. where oh where is the sun :(

cupcakes and spring flowers only go so far with this song on repeat:

i have now resorted to despondently drawing/sketching out the layout of my new booklet while watching "the craft" a million times in a row. i can't wait till it's finished, i feel like i am wrapping up the biggest book report of my life, except i made up the story. sometimes i forget i can draw whatever i want, even if it's really strange. i've discovered a new haunted lady ghost lately and can't stop drawing her!
actually things are not so gloomy at all, i just miss sunlight and breathing through my nose (stuffy eterna). would anyone like to come over and make a pillow and sheet fort with me? you bring the gin, i'll bring the bessie smith albums.
love, rebecca


loucieee said...

ooh, the craft? it's one of my favourite movie. :)

Marilyn said...
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Marilyn said...

For some reason, that album by the Magnetic Fields has been so perfect for the days lately.

stuffednonsense said...

a fort?!! i am most definatly there! im off to buy the gin

Graham said...

Fort first, please; then the gin. As experience has taught us, doing it the other way around never works quite right.

Sarah said...

OMG, I totally had a dream about gin last night. (Actually this morning.) It was a long complicated dream...that ended in gin. It's a sign.
Also, my verification word is "orgate." I felt the need to share that.