Thursday, June 3, 2010

bum bum

today so far. a mountain of hankies! i had a strange dream about a tribe of aztecs hunting me with spears and screaming at me in spanish in the jungle because i could talk to ghosts and wrote apologies to the families they sacrificed to the gods on their behalf in an english looking cottage in the woods. yeah. anyway, upon waking this morning, i discovered i have lost my voice almost completely, so i'm also going to add a lot of mint tea and honey to the equation.
i tried my hand at homemade tomato soup the other night to ease my chills/pump my body with vitamin c. it turned out really good, and is pretty easy and delicious, also, 100% vegan! the recipe called for more salt than i thought was needed, but put it in anyway. therefore, the soup is a little too salty for my liking, but i just water it down at bit with some water and soymilk and it's delicious. i used fresh basil too from my makeshift herb garden on the kitchen table, but it was worth it because homegrown and fresh ingredients make a universe of difference. pair it with fresh toasted whole grain sourdough, heaven. a strawberry was for desert.

oh and tonight julianna is in a show at ponyclub gallery here in portland. show starts at 6. it will be great! the address is 625 NW Everett St.

sneezing along all day to this song. i turned into a hooligan!
love, rebecca


Graham said...

I will try and learn ventriloquism in a few hours so I may speak for you at Pony Club tonight. That okay with you, Sneezy?

rebecca artemisa said...

oh wait.

littlelostfairy♥ said...

Oh that sounds positively delightful! i bet it tasted of love and tomatoes, i am hungry now :3