Wednesday, June 30, 2010

holy sandwich

laundry day. i obviously like to dress like a cloud. a puffy cloud. with little satchels of lavender.

speaking of being puffy.
um, i just created the most amazing sandwich i ever had. the only way my life could get more perfect is if friends and i ate them together while floating down a summer river in the wilderness.

picnics on a mountain today i hope.


Darcy said...

I feel as though my wardrobe is the exact same color palette. Floating rivers and making sandwiches is what my entire summer is consisting of!

Emily said...

That looks delicious, oh to float about, picnicking on mountain sides would be lovely

katrina said...

oh lady! my wardrobe looks the same haha
what book are you reading?
and where did you get those lavender sachets, did you make them?

iva loukhi said...

uuummm, a perfect sandwich. could you share the recipe?

Molly Blues said...

rawrr, i've got the same headphones..

and.. well, i love your blog (and your sandwich):D

emlily said...

mm grey. what a sandwich


Mat said...

nice neat stuff ready for the wash