Sunday, July 11, 2010

summer is hot, i need ice and raspberries and wildflowers

i do not know what they are saying but this film is so beautiful.

i have been super sensitive to the heat lately (so much so that i had a total meltdown, no pun intended, at 3am the other night and being the nice man graham is, got up and helped me jam our 100lb AC in our bedroom window) and it's such a relief to have a cooler day today. hopefully portland has found a happy medium for weather. i had a cucumber sandwich and fresh watermelon today, it was GLORIOUS. i have also been making little pretend outfits to wear about town while laid up with heat blergness.
now it is time to eat more watermelon and sing with friends who are sitting in my room!
love, rebecca


iva loukhi said...

the film is called "100 days after the childhood" and I can do a little translation to you if you want. It is really a masterpiece! though it is not a famous one. how did you find it?

Veronica said...

Those shoes are really cute!!

thenowheregirl said...

those shoes are truly divine!