Friday, September 17, 2010

come wind come rain, YES.

yesterday and today have been rainy and windy and i love it so much. i found a long lost little red raincoat in the basement and i think when i feel up to it, i will take walks in the rain! something about wind and rain makes me calm, i do not know what it is. poor graham though, he is always hiking his way back and forth to work in this weather, all while impeccably dressed too which makes him a manly man.
today was also another super sick day, ugh. blerg. it is getting tiresome. i can't really sit at my desk too long to paint today which is unfortunate because i have a few little shows coming up.
i have actually been looking a lot more into natural medicine to maybe wean myself off some of the expensive prescriptions i am currently taking. there are lots of plants and natural vitamins i'm looking into, and apparently having tons of zuccini, chard, garlic, blueberries, almonds, spinach, flaxseeds and beet juice in your regular diet works wonders. i already eat pretty healthy (and a lot of those things already) but maybe eating them more and in their "purer forms" will help. i make my own chamomile/lavender and mint/lemon tea at home and that ALWAYS makes me feel at least 2X better than i would without it. i guess i gotta force myself to love beets.

in better news, in about 2 weeks it will be my birthday! i have made a list of things i would like because i am still an impatient 5 year old at heart.

this green sweater in a size large so it is cozy.

sturdy, never die, frye boots. i have been wanting these for years.

new perfume oil because my old one is all gone. i've been wearing this scent for nearly 6 years and it is my favorite :)

this pretty heart teacup in pink.

little ceramic pie dishes. since i'm always watching twin peaks over and over, i have pie on the brain.

while we're talking about twin peaks, owning this would make my life.
in addition, i love found objects like animal bones, pretty rocks and acorns. store bought objects include things like bargain bin candy bars, beeswax candles, bouncy balls, whiskey and socks.
i think that's about it forever unless i have a fairy godmother willing to present me with a macbook. you may also pray that i am well enough by october 28th so i can go to the janelle monae concert because i love her.
ok i am officially done being greedy... really i promise it does not take much to make me happy, usually red wine and good company do the trick.
i will probably be tired and having more tests done on my actual birthday :(. hopefully i will still be able to hang out with my friends for a bit, maybe eat some pumpkin pie, maybe (definitely) sing black flag songs to graham with the help of a helium balloon!

ok! graham is home and i have to go clean up, make soup, tackle my large email inbox while i have the strength of caffeinated morning tea pulsing through my veins and then tell him new ghost stories.

i love this song a lot, i've listened to it almost every day since i first heard it about 7 years ago.
love, rebecca


jackiebean said...

hello, i discovered your blog a little while ago through another blog's link. now i can't remember the blog..

i'm so sorry you are not feeling well. i do hope you get better soon enough for your b-day and the upcoming concert.

twin peaks is a major obsession of mine right now, too! i just finished season 1, and netflix has sent me the wrong disc one for season 2 *two times* now. ack! i told my husband, if they do it again, we should just buy the darn dvd set. :)

Nanigoat said...

I'm so happy to see a blog post from you. They make me smile and make me want to drink an ocean of tea. I'm sorry to hear you have been ill. I hope you feel better soon. I hope you have a great bday. Makes me want a slice of pumpkin pie.

Maddie M. said...

I really hope you feel better soon! Those are the cutest of gifts for a wishlist..

Thank you so much for your kind comment and the song, which I absolutely loved. You are fantastic.


Kashif Javed said...

I wanna buy that pair of